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Aviation Abbreviations

An overview of the most commonly used abbreviations in the world of helicopters (and general) aviation.

HAIHeli Association International.Associations
VFRVisual Flight Rules.Air law
IFRInstrument Flight RulesAir law
VTOLVertical Take Off and LandingGeneral aviation
FADECFull Automated Digital Engine ControlEngine technology
FAAFederal Aviation AdministrationFAA
AMTAviation Maintenance TechnicianGeneral Aviation
NTSBNational Transportation Safety BoardFAA
FSDOFlight Standards District OfficesFAA
CVRCockpit Voice recorderGeneral aviation
FDRFlight Data RecorderGeneral aviation
ADS-BAutomatic Dependent Surveillance - BroadcastNavigation
GPSGlobal Positioning SystemNavigation
ATCAir Traffic ControlCommunications
IMCInstrument Meteorological ConditionsGeneral aviation
JAAJoint Aviation AuthoritiesJAA
GAGeneral AviationGeneral Aviation
UAVUnmanned Air VehicleGeneral Aviation
JARJoint Aviation RequirementsJAA
PPLPrivate Pilot LicensePilot Licence
ATPLAirline Transport Pilot LicencePilot Licence
CPLCommercial Pilot LicenceGeneral Aviation
DGCADictorate General of Civil AviationGeneral Aviation
TRTOType Rating Training OrganisationJAA
SARSearch And RescueJAA
TCType CertificationJAA
APISApproved Production Inspection SystemJAA
STCSupplemental Type CertificateJAA
PMAParts Manufacturer ApprovalJAA
TSOTechnical Standard OrdersJAA
FARFederal Aviation RegulationFAA
STOLShort Take Off and LandingGeneral Aviation
EAAExperimental Aircraft AssociationAssociations
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation OrganizationGeneral Aviation
ILSInstrument Landing SystemNavigation
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