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Helicopter History Timeline

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is true for the history of helicopters too. By bringing all the models together in one scrollable timeline an impressive overview emerges.

Discover how during the industrial revolution several inventions layed down the fundament of helicopter development. Find out how it accelerates after world war II and consolidated during the 70s and 80s. You can also view the start of the kit build market during the 80s. The timeline doesn't stop in the present but also shows the predicted entry of new models based on manufacturer announcements.

All the models in the timeline link to a page with detailed information.

1783.. Development of Helicopter Concepts 1945.. Mature generation
1906.. The Hoppers 1970.. New Generation
1923.. First Flying 1986.. Digital Era
1800 AD 1825 AD 1850 AD 1875 AD 1900 AD 1925 AD 1950 AD 1975 AD 2000 AD 2025 AD
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