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Links to Experimental Helicopters

This page contains a list of websites related to DIY helicopter projects.

Project examples



Rotorway Exec 162F F-PXDT Helicopter project Goodlooking, richly illustrated site. Covers the complete building proces.
Rotorway Exec 162F project. If you don't have a garage, build your helicopter inside your house. This project is build in the kitchen!
Rotorway 162F PRO SF project. Covers every possible aspect of a helicopter DIY project. Fun!
Rotorway project Documented kit building project by Stan Maige.
Building a Safari (aka Baby Belle) Helicopter Kit Safari kit helicopter building information.




Unicopter project Helicopter design project.
Experimental Helo Magazine Experimental helicopter magazine.
Rotorway owners group Helicopter design project.
Homebuild Homepage An index and reference on Homebuilt Experimental class aircraft, and related information.
YouTube: Exec F162 turbine Kiss aviation JetExec 162F Turbine Helicopter
Paparazi autopilot Paparazzi auto pilot project, open source.
DIY Drones Amateur UAVs, contests, resources. Also VTOL projects.

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