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Helicopter DVD

All of the DVDs shown on this page have been selected by HeliStart. We only choose those that are of good quality, and so you won't be disappointed if you buy one of them.

Popular and history

A selection of popular, entertainment DVDs, and DVDs with a historical content.

"IMAX Presents - Straight Up: Helicopters in Action (2003)"
  • Real world examples of helicopter use
  • 84 minutes runtime
  • Region 1: USA and Canda only.
"Tiltrotor and the Future - Secret Story of the V-22 Osprey"
  • All regions (region free)
"Coast Guard: Helicopters to the Rescue (1999)"
  • Shows several rescue actions Coast Guard helicopters and crew.
  • 52 minutes runtime
  • All regions (region free)
"Modern Combat: The West's Combat Helicopters"
  • Western land-based combat helicopter types
  • 60 minutes runtime
  • All regions (region free)
"Classic Helicopter Film DVD: 1953 Vintage Chopper & Military Helicopter Promotional Video (1953)"
  • Great visuals of 1950's helicopters and aviation practices.
  • Although from 1953, explains how helicopters work better than most modern popular DVD's!
  • Production date: 1953 (color filming)
  • Nostalgic material!
  • 11 minutes runtime
  • All regions (region free)
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