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Helicopter Financing

Flying helicopters costs a lot of money. Getting a helicopter pilot’s licence can be expensive enough, but the purchase of a helicopter always involves a serious financial transaction. In most cases, a loan to buy a helicopter resembles a loan to buy property, in that the decision to grant the loan is driven by the borrower’s credit and not by the asset (i.e. the aircraft). The loan is normally for no longer than 5 to 10 years. The interest rates are a function of aircraft age, aircraft type, and the credit rating of the borrower. However, instead of borrowing an aircraft, it is also possible to lease one.

In order to get a loan, you will have to insure the helicopter for at least the value of the loan, although it always is a good idea to insure for the replacement value of the aircraft. It is also important that you insure the helicopter with a professional company which understands the aviation market. Of course, your bank will also want to assess your financial circumstances.

It is important that your bank understands the world of aviation, so that it feels comfortable with the transaction. This page contains the details of some of the financial companies that are familiar with aircraft financing.

Helicopter Financing

Financial Companies

Company Location Service
ABN AMRO Netherlands, Schiphol : Havenmeesterweg 1 (Skyport), 1118 CD Schiphiol. Telephone : ++31 (0)20 4466602
Groningen : Stationsweg 1, 9726 AC Groningen. Telephone : ++31 (0)50 3160900
Prefered Banking Piloten Desk. Personal advice for aspirant pilots.
Friesland bank Netherlands Flight training for PPL-H, CPL-H, ATPL-H and type training.
Center Capital Corporation USA Specialized in financing in the aviation world
AV FundSource USA Financing marketplace, specialized in all kind of aviation financing, including helicopters and experimental aircrafts.
Finlease Australia Finance solutions, including aircraft & helicopter Finance
HeliValue$ Wauconda, Illinois, USA. A helicopter appraisal company. Best known for their publications: "The Official Helicopter Blue Book", "The Official Helicopter Specification Book", and "HELP (Helicopter Equipment Lists & Prices)".

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