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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, USA

Overview of FAA regulations covering the whole area from design, production, operations and change management.

Airman certificationDepending on pilot and aircraft type, there are a number of different Airman certifications.Pilot licence
MedicalDepending on the Airman certification type, different Medical health checks are needed.Pilot License
Type Certification (TC)Issued by the FAA to the manufacturer. Getting a TC essentially states that the design is conform the airworthiness requirements. The proces toward a TC is expensive and needs carefull planning, projectmanagement and engineering effort. The complete proces must be documented.Design
Amended Type CertificateThe FAA may amend a type certificate when the holder of the type certificate receives FAA approval to modify an aircraft design from its original design. An amended type certificate approves not only the modification, but also how that modification affects the original design.Design Change
Supplemental type certificate (STC)Document approving a product modification.Design Change
Approved production inspection system (APIS)An approved production inspection system allows the manufacturer to inspect its own products under a system approved by the FAA.Production
Production certificateA production certificate is an approval (document) to manufacture duplicate products under an FAA-approved type design (i.e., type certificate or supplemental type certificate). The holder of a production certificate may obtain an airworthiness certificate for aircraft produced under the production certificate without further showing.Production
Airworthiness CertificationFAA document which grants authorization to operate an aircraft in flightOperational
Aircraft Registration (N number)xIdentification
Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)PMA is a combined design and production approval for modification and replacement parts. It allows a manufacturer to produce and sell these parts for installation on type certificated products.Design / Production
Technical Standard Orders (TSO)When authorized to manufacture a material, part, or appliances to a TSO standard, this is referred to as TSO authorization. Receiving a TSO authorization is both design and production approval. Receiving a TSO Authorization is not an approval to install and use the article in the aircraft. It means that the article meets the specific TSO and the applicant is authorized to manufacture it.Design / Production

Website of the Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA)

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